80709 Продажи и Маркетинг в Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

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This course focuses on how Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a flexible framework for organizations to track, manage, and analyze parts of their sales cycle as well as its overall success.

This course describes the components used in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Management and explains how they can apply to various business scenarios. It also details the entities or record types that Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses to track sales from potential to close. With this information, organizations can determine which aspects of the Sales module framework are appropriate for their organization

This course provides information on the full functionality of the Sales Management functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It provides information about various customer scenarios, lead through opportunity management, product catalog management, sales transaction processing, goal management, and sales analysis.


What are the goals for this course?

Explore a number of possible business scenarios that could leverage the default Sales and Marketing functionality within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


What are the prerequisites to consume this course?

Before viewing this training, individuals must have:

  • Some basic experience using Windows applications
  • Knowledge of basic sales and marketing roles in a business
  • Completion of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Introduction course



Module 01: Sales Management

  • Module Overview
  • Customer Scenarios
  • Core Records and Their Purpose
  • Sales Management Configuration
  • Create a Sales Literature Record
  • Practice: Create Sales Literature and Sales Literature Attachments
  • Create a Competitor
  • Create and Configure a Sales Territory
  • Module Review
  • Test Your Knowledge

Module 02: Lead Management

  • Module Overview
  • Understanding and Creating Leads
  • Creating Leads and Understanding the Lead Form
  • Convert Emails to Leads
  • Lead Qualification Process
  • Create, Disqualify and Reactivate a Lead
  • Practice: Create and Disqualify a Lead
  • Leads and the Sales Process
  • Lead to Opportunity Process Form and Ribbon
  • Module Review
  • Test Your Knowledge

Module 03: Opportunity Management

  • Module Overview
  • Understanding and Creating Opportunities
  • Create an Opportunity
  • Opportunity Management
  • Create an Opportunity for an Existing Customer Using Quick Create
  • Associate Competitors with Opportunities
  • Lose/Win an Opportunity
  • Manage Opportunities from Views
  • Practice: Managing Opportunities
  • Records Related to Opportunities
  • Use Connections with Opportunities
  • Assign Opportunities
  • Module Review
  • Test Your Knowledge

Module 04: Product Catalog

  • Module Overview
  • Product Catalog Components
  • Unit Groups and Units of Measure
  • Create a Unit Group
  • Practice: Create a Unit Group for Service
  • Creating and Managing Products
  • Create a Product
  • Practice: Add a Product
  • Product Families and Bundles
  • Create a Product Family and Properties
  • Create a Product Bundle with Associated Products
  • Practice: Create a Product Bundle with Associated Products
  • Price Lists
  • Create a Price List and Price List Items
  • Practice: Set Up a New Currency and Create a New Price List and Price List Items Tied to the Currency
  • Using Units of Measure, Products and Price Lists on a Transaction
  • Practice: Create a Special Offer Price List and Use it on an Opportunity
  • Discount Lists
  • Create and Managing Discount Lists
  • Practice: Creating a Discount List
  • Practice: Follow the Sales Life Cycle from Opportunity to Order Using Price Lists
  • Module Review
  • Test Your Knowledge

Module 05: Transaction Processing

  • Module Overview
  • Managing Quotes
  • Converting an Opportunity into a Quote
  • Managing Quotes
  • Managing Orders
  • Managing Invoices
  • Practice: Opportunity, Quote, Order to Invoice
  • Module Review
  • Test Your Knowledge

Module 06: Sales and Marketing

  • Module Overview
  • Marketing Process
  • Marketing Lists
  • Creating and Managing Static Marketing Lists
  • Creating and Managing Dynamic Marketing Lists
  • Quick Campaigns
  • Use Creating and Managing a Quick Campaign
  • Practice: Create a Quick Campaign
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Create a Marketing Campaign Record
  • Campaign Activities
  • Campaign Templates
  • Campaign Responses
  • Creating Campaign Responses
  • Module Review
  • Test Your Knowledge

Module 07: Goal Management

  • Module Overview
  • Goal Metrics
  • Creating and Managing Goal Metrics
  • Modify and Manage Fiscal Periods
  • Goals
  • Creating Goals
  • Practice: Creating a Goal
  • Parent/Child Goal Scenario
  • Rollup Queries
  • Creating Rollup Queries
  • Practice: Create a Goal Metric and Rollup Fields
  • Module Review
  • Test Your Knowledge

Module 08: Sales Analysis

  • Module Overview
  • Managing Orders
  • Reporting Tools
  • Working with Default Reports
  • Creating Reports with the Report Wizard
  • Practice: Simple Report Wizard
  • Export to Excel
  • Excel and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration
  • Charts and Dashboards
  • Working with and Creating Charts
  • Multiple Category Charts
  • Working with and Creating Dashboards
  • Practice: Create a New Personal, Sales Dashboard
  • Module Review
  • Test Your Knowledge



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