80719 Розничный Колл Центр в Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8

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80719AE: Retail Call Center in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8


This course provides students with the necessary tools and resources to learn about the features and functionality that are completed in the Call Center module.

What are the goals for this course?

  • Discuss call centers and catalogs in AX
  • Describe how to setup pricing and discounts on items
  • Review how to manage customer relations in AX
  • Review the setup for retail product management
  • Demonstrate sales order management features
  • Set up payment management in AX
  • Walkthrough setup for returns and return authorization
  • Explain the use and features of continuity programs
  • Create and use order holds and fraud checking
  • Set up and use the direct delivery workbench
  • Review and use the picking workbench
  • Overview reports and inquiries relating to call center
  • Describe the features available in AX for retailers
  • Review the architecture for retail functionality
  • Review key concepts and terminology
  • Review user interface for headquarters, enterprise POS
  • Review user interface for modern POS, and Enterprise Portal
  • Describe Commerce Data Exchange and Commerce Run Time
  • Describe Real Time Service
  • Walkthrough the configuration process for call centers
  • Demonstrate how to add channel users
  • Demonstrate how to create an email notification profile
  • Demonstrate how to set up delivery modes for call center
  • Review the process for setting up a catalog
  • Discuss the source code setup process
  • Demonstrate how to create a target market
  • Review the catalog pages set up options
  • Discuss the benefits of using scripts
  • Demonstrate how to use scripts in the call center
  • Review the call center parameters
  • Describe the pricing and discounting features
  • Create a price group
  • Create a coupon and apply it to an order
  • Set up margin alerts
  • Set up price overrides
  • Explain price details
  • Review the full text search capabilities
  • Explore the customer service features
  • Walkthrough how to create customers
  • Discuss the duplicate checking methods
  • Demonstrate how to merge and unmerge customers
  • Discuss cases and hot alerts
  • Discuss the change of address file support
  • Walk through the product creation process
  • Review how to create up-sell and cross-sell items
  • Explain supplementary item management
  • Cover setup and maintenance of gift certificates
  • Review setup and maintenance of gift cards
  • Demonstrate how to perform a customer search
  • Demonstrate how to perform an item search
  • Review the detailed statuses
  • Discuss sales order header view and line view
  • Review the item inquiry options
  • Demonstrate how to create an order note on a sales order
  • Discuss sales order access
  • Walkthrough the sales order cancellation process
  • Demonstrate price matching
  • Demonstrate how to perform a sales order history purge
  • Explore order events
  • Set up methods of payment
  • Set up credit card vendors
  • Demonstrate the credit card processor setup
  • Create payments on sales orders
  • Review the various payment statuses
  • Utilize prepayments on a sales order
  • Walkthrough installment billing
  • Set up installment plans
  • Add installments to a sales order
  • Review periodic processes for installment billing
  • Use the credit card workbenches
  • Use the refund check workbenches
  • Set up and use check holds
  • Set up and use over/under payment checking
  • Set up and use credit limit checking
  • Take a look at payment history
  • Discuss the returns and RMAs process
  • Review the call center return parameters
  • Demonstrate how to create an RMA
  • Walkthrough how to process RMAs in the warehouse
  • Discuss continuity programs
  • Demonstrate the parameters setup
  • Create a continuity program
  • Explain continuity updates
  • Create sales orders with continuity
  • Explain continuity processes
  • Cover periodic processes
  • Review the order holds codes form
  • Discuss reason codes
  • Define call center parameters for holds
  • Review the process for setting up fraud rules
  • Review how to create static date for fraud checking
  • Demonstrate how to create Variables for fraud checking
  • Discuss how to create conditions for fraud checking
  • Review how to create rules for fraud checking
  • Walkthrough how to place an order on hold manually
  • Review the sales order holds workbench
  • Review clearing holds
  • Walkthrough how to check holds in and out
  • Review the picking workbench process
  • Discuss the picking setup
  • Demonstrate how to create a workbench profile
  • Walkthrough how to generate picking lists
  • Demonstrate how to generate picking workbench sessions
  • View and refresh customer item statistics
  • Review and configure RFM scoring
  • Print the Expired credit cards for open orders report
  • Show the Direct delivery report
  • Review catalog requests
  • View the Price override report
  • Discuss the Order hold report
  • View backordered items
  • Show the coupon report

What are the prerequisites to consume this course?

Before viewing this training, individuals must have:

  • General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • General knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
  • The ability to use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for basic processing
  • Basic knowledge of Retail Application Functionality

Module 01: Overview

  • Features and Architecture
  • Terminology and Concepts
  • Interfaces
  • Technology and Architecture
  • Enhancements
  • Course Coverage

Module 02: Call Centers and Catalogs

  • Configure Call Centers
  • Add Channel Users
  • Email Notifications
  • Process Delivery Modes
  • Catalogs
  • Catalog Pages
  • Script Setup
  • Using Scripts
  • Call Center Parameters

Module 03: Pricing and Discounts

  • About Pricing and Discounting
  • Price Groups
  • Create Coupons
  • Apply Coupons to an Order
  • Margin Alerts Setup
  • Price Overrides Setup
  • Price Details

Module 04: Customer Management

  • Full Text Search
  • Customer Service
  • Create Customers
  • Duplicate Checking
  • Merging and Unmerging Customers
  • Cases and Hot Alerts
  • Change of Address File Support

Module 05: Retail Product Management

  • Product Creation Process
  • Product Types
  • Up-Sell/Cross-Sell
  • Supplementary Items
  • Gift Cards

Module 06: Sales Order Management

  • Customer Search
  • Item Search
  • Detailed Statuses
  • Sales Order Header View and Line View
  • Additional Information
  • Order Notes
  • Sales Order Access
  • Price Matching
  • Sales Order History Purge
  • Order Events

Module 07: Payment Management

  • Payment Methods
  • Credit Card Processor Setup
  • Create Payments on Sales Orders
  • Payment Statuses
  • Prepayment
  • Installment Billing
  • Set Up Installment Plans
  • Add Installments to a Sales Order
  • Periodic Processes for Installment Billing
  • Credit Card Workbenches
  • Refund Check Workbenches
  • Set Up and Use Check Holds
  • Set Up and Use Over/Under Payment
  • Set Up and Use Credit Limit Checking
  • Payment History

Module 08: Returns and RMAs

  • About Returns and RMAs
  • Parameters
  • Create an RMA
  • Process RMAs in the Warehouse

Module 09: Continuity Programs

  • About Continuity Programs
  • Parameters
  • Continuity Programs Process
  • Continuity Updates Form
  • Create Sales Orders with Continuity
  • Continuity Processing

Module 10: Order Holds

  • Codes
  • Reason Codes
  • Parameters
  • About Fraud Rules
  • Create Static Data for Fraud Checking
  • Create Variables for Fraud Checking
  • Create Conditions for Fraud Checking
  • Create Rules for Fraud Checking
  • Place an Order on Hold Manually
  • Sales Order Holds Workbench
  • About Clearing Holds
  • Checking Holds In and Out

Module 11: Direct Delivery

  • About Direct Delivery
  • Configure Products for Direct Delivery
  • Parameters
  • Create a Sales Order for Direct Delivery
  • Workbench
  • Confirming Direct Delivery Purchase Orders
  • Partially Processing Direct Delivery Purchase Orders
  • Fully Processing Delivery Purchase Orders

Module 12: Picking Workbench

  • About the Picking Workbench Process
  • Picking Setup
  • Create Workbench Profiles
  • Generate Picking Lists
  • Generate Picking Workbench Sessions

Module 13: Reporting and Inquiries

  • Customer Item Statistics
  • About RFM Scoring
  • Expired Credit Cards for Open Orders Reports
  • Direct Delivery Report
  • Catalog Requests
  • Price Override Report
  • Order Hold Report
  • Backorders Reporting
  • Coupon Reports



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